Most Common Technology Myths that People Face

Technology is advancing every day and so as the myths are increasing every day too. The progress in technology is also giving birth to wrong myths about Technology. We are here to discuss about the few technology myths that are prevailing in this world and might continue to persist if people still continue to think foolishly like before. To provide a better understanding to people about the technology myths, we are here to discuss a few.

MAC Computers cannot get Viruses

The people who think that Apple PCs cannot get viruses then let me tell them that they are wrong, if they have such kind of thinking. Any technical instrument is susceptible to malware in any form. So is the case with Mac computers too. Buying a MAC PC does not means that you are saved from malware. Though, initially Apple stated that their PCs cannot be affected by viruses, but after the Trojan attacks in 2012, this thought was led down.

Incognito Browsing keeps you Anonymous

People are offer having a misconception that ‘private’ and ‘incognito’ are the synonyms of word ‘anonymous’. If you are using private mode in any of the browser then it will mean that the browser you are using will not keep the track of history, save the passwords, or automatically log into you accounts in the private mode. It will not be keeping your identity anonymous, so keep things in mind before you visit any such website that you must not visit.

Leaving the Phone plugged destroys its Battery

If you are the one who thinks that overcharging the phone for longer hours will destroy the battery than believe me that it will not hurt the phone’s battery at all. There had been no proof that it damages the phone’s battery so far. Most of the modern phones come with lithium-ion battery and these batteries stop charging once the battery is full.

More Megapixels means Better Camera

Do you think that your 16 megapixels camera phone is better than a 12 megapixels phone? Though, it can be better than the 12 MP camera phones, but it is not always the same case. Where you lack is your thinking. The image quality is largely dependent on larger sensors and larger pixels. The bigger the sensors are the more light can fall on camera lens and hence the quality of image is improves significantly. This is why a 5 MP camera of Apple iPhone clicks better picture than 8 MP camera of any ordinary smart phone. The size (sensors) of megapixels matters than the number of megapixels.

Don’t Charge Phone Unless Battery is completely Dead

This is one of the most popular myth and belief of people. It will never harm your phone if you plug your phone before the battery is trained completely. In fact, it might improve the battery life of your smart phone to some extent. The reason why battery life decreases with time is that there is battery charging cycles for holding charge. These cycles are completed with time and so the battery loses capacity to hold the charge with time.

Higher Display Resolution is Always Better

The resolution of screen does not matter when we talk about the image quality. Results show that the human eye cannot discern any nitty-gritty detail when the display is more than 300 pixels per inch. The sharpness and contrast matters a lot when it comes to display.

You should not Shut Down your PC Every Day

This is one of the craziest myths to believe in. Shutting down computer everyday is not at all harmful rather it saves energy and most importantly saves the hardware from burning up due to continuous processing. This will make the components of your computer stress free for some time. Just like you need sleep to recharge yourself, the computer components also need rest from continuous processing.

Final Words

These are some of the most common technology myths that are faced by people generally. People must overcome from these myths and start believing in the technology that is going simpler to understand these days. Wrong misconceptions must not be spread among the people to give them wrong knowledge. It is always better to research about something before believing on it.…